Sunday School - Wild Hope

Crime, Corruption, Community... the wild hope. [On 8, off 9pm]

December 13, 2020

Playin' French The Kid. A Con-TEN-der, deffo.

A sign of soon forward in life, and the Political/Banksters. In a word: Local, physical, intentional community.

Has to be: UKs Biggest Fragility. One question: Do we 'love' (some/a handful), our, 'neighbours', evidenced in a . . .

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Sunday School - Ring 'what' Bells?

Thanks for lookin'. Sober and quiet reflection, in order. Playing Clavish, MJ on/ 'n out. [B. sorry graph-a-coming], and "Mazalean"..., word up. Big up Ace and Scheemer 1. / Stockwell Road, and 'Speaks' and ...'world', on the Hill. Oh for a copy of Speaks re-work of 'Ring my Bell', a last parting sound and a story to tell and the copy the DJ/promoting... (DJ/ pinched it at the end of the night). And, Big. Up for DJ 279 and having Speaks on, Choice FM. It was Friday Night Flaves, revived my interest in Hip-Hop. Show's catchprase? "It's nice, to be nice." Like, 'All You Need Is Love', and..., sounds, twee'? All the while, the OG, Hard-Core, and all that, Is > That: Love-talk and action. / MJ, out.

December 05, 2020

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PCR. A BLM-projecting, 'False-Flag',

Joe Biden says, what he knows the war is over, and:

"Won't mandate [...] getting COVID-19 vaccine, wearing masks."

War is Freedom-lies, and, "yes/no, becomes, . . .

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Sounds of the Weekend

SUNDAY SCHOOL A-COMIN' // + Page below, ***NEW IMPROVED,*** SMALLER-SIZE -ish(?) Butter stop, X.

December 03, 2020

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2015-2020, The Same 'Ol, Same Ol', and Aangirfan been blazing all along, ...Before that.

All-the- while, hardly ...another. A-lone? A.W.O.L.? A-WOT?


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SUNDAY SCHOOL Is Self-Sufficiency Possible?

Paul Cudby, The Shaken Path/ The 'Greens' and the 'Reds.'

November 29, 2020

Sincere, sorry, couldn't come on, have had a lovely night playing tonight's selection, MJ/Sax, x.

Thanks for coming.

Burning Photographs

Our England


. . .

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Yout And Elders

For Charlie

November 27, 2020



Samantha The Pink Panther' selection.

MJ, First Impressions, Messages, Meanings on: Sunday School, 29/11/20.

FRONT-RUNNER, MJ, 2020, Top 20.

. . .

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SORRY SUBS + last email alert. And this one, to say, a ...mistake. Next TS: soon come.

November 24, 2020

No content...

SUNDAY SCHOOL 22/11 Kanye West / Dave Chappelle

TELLING THE TRUTH IS CRAZY IN A WORLD FULL OF LIES - Kanye West [22.38] : Goon-a be, not a, long-read and bis a bobs, 'till midnight. On Fredo... 'needs a rewind' /s... Going: Church Talk, and Gil. Re-look at Colours. Violence erupts, over the weekend, 30 teens on Delgarno Gardens. Block next to mine, decade, before last five in Ed S.' ends. My last long-local, church, an HTB 'plant' (ed), congregation/shared, with existing one/now, an Indie. Ch. St. Francis. /// MJ 2020 20, Fredo/First/Second (?) / Duppy? Best, so far? [Jumped off at 00:05, peace, all.]

November 22, 2020


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JimDandy says:

JimDandy: “Cool” is a subjective term.

Certainly it is. Not only is it difficult to define, but the entire subject of what makes someone or something “cool” is in grave need of exploration. What’s cool to me isn’t necessarily cool to you. “Cool” has some relationship to . . .

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