Sunday School - Ring 'what' Bells?

Thanks for lookin'. Sober and quiet reflection, in order. Playing Clavish, MJ on/ 'n out. [B. sorry graph-a-coming], and "Mazalean"..., word up. Big up Ace and Scheemer 1. / Stockwell Road, and 'Speaks' and ...'world', on the Hill. Oh for a copy of Speaks re-work of 'Ring my Bell', a last parting sound and a story to tell and the copy the DJ/promoting... (DJ/ pinched it at the end of the night). And, Big. Up for DJ 279 and having Speaks on, Choice FM. It was Friday Night Flaves, revived my interest in Hip-Hop. Show's catchprase? "It's nice, to be nice." Like, 'All You Need Is Love', and..., sounds, twee'? All the while, the OG, Hard-Core, and all that, Is > That: Love-talk and action. / MJ, out.

December 05, 2020
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