Mind Our Self

June 16, 2023

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...and, my self?

A 'scoop and full-stop for the foreseeable.

New site to accompany via a link on copies of John's Gospel to hand out.

A post to confess and proclaim my own 'mind-full and what'?

An audio reading of John on repeat listens.

Said . . .

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Mind Your Self 3

On... to say am off, and be on the 'morrow. Not one to like saying..., and not do, or explain? Hence the last post and stating 'back on Monday'.

May 22, 2023

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ALL..., to note, are the parallels to 'mental health' and its provenance, or roots of the shoots, explored through F. William Engdahl -or- read and presented by Sam.

From the physical to the psychological:

Formerly, when Church and State were allied, people accepted theological justifications for . . .

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Mind Your Self 2

Let's get to it... tick is tocking, and be a dash and done.

May 20, 2023

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Image from the outsiders' fakery and manipulate the media to do war in Syria. The comment has something on depression and psychological pain. Conclude and part 3 on Monday in a new-found public-PC space. Open with the admittance and how less online-access is the way to keep me less fried and fresh. Try staying off the screen for . . .

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Mind Your Self 1.

May 19, 2023

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Intro and material toward a series of shorter posts on the mind and thinking; what helps (me)?

Writing... this, helps. A form of confession come outcry. All alone-ish is a booster for my God-life but the pull to the screen and express is a release I appreciate. Intend to get to less and little going-online with a new site . . .

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Water Pt. 5

On with a blank page and finish the... splash.

May 15, 2023

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… I as a scientist have never used the expression “ The Science”. I’ve never heard a single scientist in my life use the expression “The Science”. When a personality tells you to follow the science, they are lying. Science works by questioning. Question EVERYTHING.
…We have all been lied to. We are still being lied to by . . .

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Water Pt. 4

Why change the press-publish and complete mode? For fandango compadre and notification jump-on'rsclosed at 3.45 pm.

May 13, 2023

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Water is a latest revelation (for me). Apart from dogged, independent, genuine scientific endevour; it's full of parallels, metaphors, and the symbolic. A shocking mind opener and count as part of the unfolding-for-good.

2023 has been a contrived lull in the proceedings and blatant flag-waving for the technocratic . . .

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Water Pt. 3

Back/back... and on for occasional posts over the months, rather than plan to push and get them out by June. Goalposts is writing on 'body and soul' and the care needed to do better-than-not. Try not, and get all-on theology/politics. More the personal..., yet not about me but us all. /// Rewind and note: On plantaseed.org.uk/valour-in-the-uk-3 had suspicions the 'story' about Stephen Sizer had been changed in what few reports out-there stated. Coming to Truthscoop have seen/found a copy of the tweet and the actual... substance of what he posted. Made it this posts' image and somehow(?) tie into the text. A line to do it, from 'Valour 3.' and; 'The increase in this particular Jewish-talking weapon will see us all locked down for truth-telling and about anything the state etc., defines 'dangerous', unless we stand our ground?'

May 06, 2023

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Prison suits my aspirations. The beauty and freedom of my self-enforced isolation is nothing of the gruel and intimidation of life in the real lock-ups. A degree of separation and incarceration can produce outworking hard to find in civvy street. Again, depends on what you're after but if isolation doesn't crush, it can . . .

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