Water Pt. 3

Back/back... and on for occasional posts over the months, rather than plan to push and get them out by June. Goalposts is writing on 'body and soul' and the care needed to do better-than-not. Try not, and get all-on theology/politics. More the personal..., yet not about me but us all. /// Rewind and note: On plantaseed.org.uk/valour-in-the-uk-3 had suspicions the 'story' about Stephen Sizer had been changed in what few reports out-there stated. Coming to Truthscoop have seen/found a copy of the tweet and the actual... substance of what he posted. Made it this posts' image and somehow(?) tie into the text. A line to do it, from 'Valour 3.' and; 'The increase in this particular Jewish-talking weapon will see us all locked down for truth-telling and about anything the state etc., defines 'dangerous', unless we stand our ground?'

May 06, 2023
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