SUNDAY SCHOOL 22/11 Kanye West / Dave Chappelle

TELLING THE TRUTH IS CRAZY IN A WORLD FULL OF LIES - Kanye West [22.38] : Goon-a be, not a, long-read and bis a bobs, 'till midnight. On Fredo... 'needs a rewind' /s... Going: Church Talk, and Gil. Re-look at Colours. Violence erupts, over the weekend, 30 teens on Delgarno Gardens. Block next to mine, decade, before last five in Ed S.' ends. My last long-local, church, an HTB 'plant' (ed), congregation/shared, with existing one/now, an Indie. Ch. St. Francis. /// MJ 2020 20, Fredo/First/Second (?) / Duppy? Best, so far? [Jumped off at 00:05, peace, all.]

November 22, 2020
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