Scalia and Syria

February 15, 2016

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Need to ponder and pray. Posts are supposed to be increasing on a daily but I need another day or so, before - hopefully get a flow. Not that I have a readership. Oh, there’s ‘you’.

Scalia, I'd barely heard of, or certainly considered, but his likely signed by a pillow/killing - a disturbing escalation.

I can . . .

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Relaunch 15/2 Truthscoop

February 08, 2016

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Syria For - relative - Dummies (like me)

February 05, 2016

Or, as concise a lesson as we might get. Caught and reposted by the reliable 21st Century Wire.

Whatever, video goes/went global means? Could we all...

Storm Clouds Gathering - but good news. New voicing for what in Syria they call, the 'silent majority'. Not so majority-UK or the States. Snoozing . . .

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Schedule 7

February 04, 2016

Extreme and domestic? What lines are there and what ones will we stand up for? The decision to push them, by authorities, must be about monitoring reaction. That’s it. They know that injustice at this level, only stirs those pushed... But how about observers and net-talk? Are we interested? Do we care?

Part of the . . .

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Column in the UK

February 03, 2016

To post something and good news?

This. Is.

What little light we have media UK-wise, should be appreciated. How anyone can desire to be informed, care and find action for a better world - and not watch/some UK Column is unimaginable.

Oh, but we know the why's and what for: Prejudice and Pride. . . .

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Not Freaks

February 02, 2016

Thought of Tod Browning's Freaks (1932) when I saw Windsor, Ontario Has a Dwarf-Tossing Problem. Not something I care to read but Browning's film is still with me. Deeply. One of a very few, from hundreds, in some years of living in a retro-cinema wonderland.

I so rarely/don’t go/watch movies, but if I could . . .

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Who Wins?

January 30, 2016

Awake know.

Visions of a sad tomorrow. God help us, (and that's not, a cliché or catchphrase). As though marching in Dover is going to stop the inflow from those overseas or, standing against - stop, said to be, fascism?

No, it’s divide and conquerors new false flagging. Direct infiltrators even. . . .

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