Ordered CD/ Cassette, and French The Kid, album to review, + new voice and Doc Rich (You Tube). Update, the playlist below and sunshine, and wheels... awaiting CD and the album's the best, "Olé, Olé". FIVE PM SUNDAY WIRE TIME, no messing, and no missing, or ...sleep, on: + regarding 'Senator Ron Johnson' and, with one for rd., + Cares-about (rare) bros., and one man in our town, and am off to live in new, Suffolk location/s,'s Catherine, m'mon., wom.: Two last shout-out/ big up's to a gent in a small pub and; impressive virologist and able to argue/ open ...sold me, 'Even More Jesus' (EvilTwin Brewing). WHAT an Imperial Stout. Top stuff. Nah? ...IF(?), y'gonna drink? Go; quality, and less. Next post and see if French do a Vlad-like TV interview? On the road April May, June... so on, MJ - and a smile with Nic., 'you paid me just enough to do this but not enough to pretend I enjoy it' + Drea Clark talks to Nicolas Cage,

April 01, 2022
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