Apple Cider Vinegar

Tom Duggan has died. Made a deep impression on me around 2016. A rare pioneer who went to Syria with hope and love. A Geordie who made a home in a country, torn apart by outsiders, and a bridge back to the West. A voice in, (their), wilderness. He lived in active conflict with a fearless vocation, to care and support, the diverse tribes in their life-threatening environment. A people 'like a David', dealing with a Goliath; Out for the families, land, and heritage. Take Sunday Wire's reflection as fire for my belly. One man made history, and married a local gal. A passage in Hebrews (New Testament book), am re-appropriating about Tom: '...of whom the world was not worthy; in deserts wandering, and in mountains, and in caves, and in the holes of the earth'. We heard Vernon this week, with the salient information, and his sober cry of warning. Sunday Wire..., is surprising, and, How Good? And that goes, and talking about the music during breaks. As for the chat-a-bout? If ya DO, one, listen? ONCE, a week? Go, 'Sunday Wire'. Darn, any " interested", and go elsewhere, ...first? If you go, No Where, (...but, Tuthscoop'?), fair 'nuff. Yet scootin' about finding out, what''s goin' on?, and 'not, 21 Wire', is dopey. The next, crucial stop, comes on Mon., Wed., Fri., 1 pm and UK Column News. Last shout is we take note, and a once, s'ppose, and Tom a spectator -to- participator. Got sufficient light and life, into what's required, in times of war. We can, All do, or Be, —a bit of a Duggan.

January 23, 2022
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