Better The Apocalypse

SUNDAY SCHOOL... A whole lot of 'treading water' and dithering. A set-up, and no-show post, so, ...apologies, MJ, 23.58 [ ... ] Best do, and post on; 'Better (Explain) And Apocalypse' / next.

February 07, 2021



30 mins., on Bitchute.

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Las Vegas Shooting

October 4, 2017

Las Vegas

October 5, 2017

Las Vegas Final Comment

October 7, 2017

The Las Vegas Shooting Won’t Go Away

. . .

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SUNDAY SCHOOL, Do We Love Freedom Enough?

SET-UP The post with images, music and quotes, excerpts and comments. Throughout the day, aim to add 'my thoughts'. Wrap up? Indicated by the next post. Subs., get notification about a new/daily post, going up. Thanks... and appreciate the attention and interest. Next week; planning on re-launching Truthscoop with dogma and disciplines to make it easier to get done.

January 31, 2021

Outstanding Actions?

For a build towards, Sunday 8/2.

Remain on Thoreau's word, and question:

Not, what, are we looking at and consideration. Rather, how...?

Expansive and challenging, Owen Benjamin?

On how he understands a rock band like The Who. Gets down 'n . . .

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SUNDAY SCHOOL: Lord Jonathan And Lord Jamar

On after an unforeseen absence. Been -ing, love and peace x. Write about ten ----ish, dance first. Off 23.49.

January 24, 2021

Goodnight, Troop'rs.

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Time exists. Honest. Ain't goin' to rush. Become a Family thing and love locals.

On... (summit ??)

Clavish, caught me. . . .

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Something For The Weekend

Open post until 'music of the year' over New Years... [19.54 Natty Dread, ...then, Zombie, Now We... to a 1975 Chopper on Rescue Shop x]

December 30, 2020


Currency Trafficking; The last answer. Said before, say again: Fela Kuti is a Subject..., nah, MJ calls, genre.

The first song played on the first night, (according to Afrika Bambaataa) when the punks met hip-hop. Zombie.

. . .

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Sunday School - We Workin


December 27, 2020


Girl's up, so off work. As If? Be strong, check-out/chat-up ...?... God. Be well, later, MJ.


"The Left Must Stop Despising Working People" - Paul Embery

Spent years' enough with . . .

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Sand And Glue

Play Fredo 2. a ten time or some. Not rushin' a nos. 1. 20.52 Fredo finishes me off. Too many things to think on. Smash it... Best out on theme tune, peace and one love x. Apologies Clay Jug link fixed. Alll.... seven...

December 26, 2020


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Silvrback blog image

For V

An Ancient Creed... for an Open World

HIP-HOP time. Rep's from other genres, final Clash and late arrival NYE.

Fredo (2 DD) heads on, Clavish, comes, Jordan. J . . .

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Sunday School - Some Girls And Reading Around

QC calls himself a 'hopeless case'.

December 20, 2020

Bonus Ball

Sub./email Of The Year: Paul Craig Roberts.

Photos that Bring the World to You.

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Barenboim on Beethoven: The Lost Tapes

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For . . .

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