SUNDAY SCHOOL 22/11 Kanye West / Dave Chappelle

TELLING THE TRUTH IS CRAZY IN A WORLD FULL OF LIES - Kanye West [22.38] : Goon-a be, not a, long-read and bis a bobs, 'till midnight. On Fredo... 'needs a rewind' /s... Going: Church Talk, and Gil. Re-look at Colours. Violence erupts, over the weekend, 30 teens on Delgarno Gardens. Block next to mine, decade, before last five in Ed S.' ends. My last long-local, church, an HTB 'plant' (ed), congregation/shared, with existing one/now, an Indie. Ch. St. Francis. /// MJ 2020 20, Fredo/First/Second (?) / Duppy? Best, so far? [Jumped off at 00:05, peace, all.]

November 22, 2020


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JimDandy says:

JimDandy: “Cool” is a subjective term.

Certainly it is. Not only is it difficult to define, but the entire subject of what makes someone or something “cool” is in grave need of exploration. What’s cool to me isn’t necessarily cool to you. “Cool” has some relationship to . . .

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Drill & Flags

Waiting on... God.

November 19, 2020

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Gray never bought the idea that his book was a handbook for despair. His subject was humility; his target any ideology that believed it possessed anything more than doubtful and piecemeal answers to vast and changing questions. The cat book is written in that spirit. If . . .

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Making History: A Bug's Life.

SUNDAY SCHOOL 9pm. Post complete 'on the fly' ... text, 'pon a skank.

November 15, 2020

Feelin' missin'..., and all of that, and, sax make-me, 'appy...

The Origin of Baseball

Been a, Forming, Storming, Norming, in the Morn.

. . .

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15/11 Sunday School AD.

November 12, 2020

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Paul Craig Roberts

Tucker Carlson is the ONLY honest media figure in the United States. No wonder the presstitutes want him arrested. I am concerned that the criminal Hillary DNC will have him assassinated. You are simply not permitted to tell the . . .

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Under Half And The Confessing Church

OFF AT 19.01, CHARLES THE MAN on When I See You Next... NEXT TS, 1971 pt. 3. On Tammi, and all.

November 08, 2020

So, how do these commentators cope with that which is hidden in plain view? How do the best of them handle knowing the conspiracy scams? Sure, some don’t believe/refuse to look too closely and/or have a personal philosophy that justifies silence. Of course there’s survival and loved ones to consider but at the top end, and . . .

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1971 Pt 2.


November 04, 2020

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There are two upfront reasons to 'go dark' i.e. learn to live with candles etc. and fast a lot. Go OMAD. And from there, disengage from the 'things of this world'.
First is sound acclimatising preparation. Second is about mechanics. What's the pump and . . .

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