The Christian Test Kit 1. (Introduction)

April 26, 2021

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Update/ April 27: Prepering the planned, tool kit post for Truthscoop, on Plant a Seed.

The Christian Tool Kit is an attempt to clarify and explain differences across the Church at large? For, Whosoever, claims to be/identifies with Christianity.

For, Not-Believers in ... and welcome inclusion of . . .

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SUNDAY SCHOOL: 'Decide What To Do...' With Patrick Bergy on Security, and Richard Stallman on Software.

Managed a late couple of hours or so. Stopped at Midnight.

April 25, 2021

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For Darcie

Rattling and rollin' on,

...not, the intention. Yet, no prep. today, and to throw the aimed-for Churchy open-to-all/ produced for All Comers?

Answer: To rustle up a post, and attempt the advertised, 'thang', ...isn't, a sound move. T'day, not . . .

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Sunday School [20.39 and out, peace.]

April 11, 2021

Side tracking tonight. Spittin' my daily health /to be, NOW-ON, routine on, Monday, Plant a Seed.

DMX be would want me rapping on something useful. Man, wanna, help. Sad to say, missed, what a marvel he was. Might be m'most underrated, miss. Will talk/write, DMX on Plant a Seed. Here... and . . .

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SJ and Prisons Pt. 3

April 07, 2021

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A K.Koke, comparison charts?

Who got the FIREPOWER to shout-out? Where's the sounds and messages, The Truthscoop Music?

...and start on SJ.

. . .

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SJ and Prisons Pt. 2

For Brad. On going, thinking no 'Sunday School', this week. Saturday Night, 'BLS boogie-wonderland, and tomorrow, 'Zoom'-kinda, Ch., (undisclosed).

April 03, 2021

For Brad, and Louie

Note, [Mon. late-evening]: Chat-a-bout "Truthscoop". While the interested, or/and, seekers, will find Plant a Seed, thought to let someone, where-else, am blabbin' and selecting, links. Last few days have reminded me, and got me realise a forgotten principle in . . .

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You Refuse to Get Vaccinated, But Are You Ready To Be An Outcast?

Men Without Chests / Sunday School / New Style to come, Old Style, today. SJ / Prisoners - next.

March 27, 2021

JUDY MIKOVITZ, March 27, 2021.

[6 pm, off. Plan to get back on, SJ, Prisons, and CS Lewis.]

Schuetze, comments on The Musical Trojan Horse.

I have McGowan’s book and used to read/listen to him up until his death. This theory about the harmonics is . . .

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Our Line Of Duty

Thoughts, and prayin' for SJ and others, locked-up with. Sunday School on SJ, and, 'For Brad'. (Working title): 'Men Without Chests', and name of the first book I bought, 'understood', to be/by... a 'Christian', and, CS Lewis. /// Calling, 'Steppaz' / Frosty, in at six. Giggs and Jorja, nos. 7, and '2020'. [11.54 Fri.]

March 23, 2021

[0300 303 5678 and choose to withhold, (all but C-19 Med., records/ not 'allowed to opt-out'.) the passing on of our private information.]

UK Column/ THE News, broadcast.

Tucker Carlson, and the Portsmouth-based . . .

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