SUNDAY SCHOOL Leah Butler-Smith

August 15, 2020

[Updated. 04/09/20, hadn't re-read, seen and changed a heap of typos. Locked-out, hadn't edited. Done, now.]

[UPDATE: Apologies, unable to access Truthscoop over Bank Holiday weekend.

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[06.50], Wed. 19th.

Darn and . . .

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SUNDAY SCHOOL Coincidence/ Kanye/ Tucker/

August 08, 2020

Commented: Thanks, Gilad, you're a blast. Brightens up our Sunday.

Ali, 24, Teacher. South-East London. 8th August 2020
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SUNDAY SCHOOL: Christopher, Peter and Wiley.

August 01, 2020

Blessed are my (local) neighbours: Plant a Seed, MJ's daily, postings.


Some retailers are now considering whether to implement temperature testing of staff and perhaps customers. In doing so, they would be replicating approaches adopted by airports, and some privately owned cafes, . . .

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SUNDAY SCHOOL 'J-Hus (Repeat) ft. Koffee Choreography !' - Terry Mark Tee

July 25, 2020 and Josh.

[Update, 27/7/30.] Missed '...prophetic gifts' through, the gals. Lots of 'teenagers'.

Silvrback blog image

That'll do. Haven't written much but NY 81-84 Radio... 'MASTER... MIX... KISS,' got me spinning.

Doth remember.

. . .

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SUNDAY SCHOOL Aaron Carter - Hard To LøVë, Part 2.

July 19, 2020

[21:17 Mon., UPDATE.]:

NO/can/do... the blog/s. For two days. For sure.

Without a shadow, or 'smidge'of bullshit, and isn't anyting-like, the cause and loads of apology-ending posts. Uncompleted?

Try to be honest, Why?


As for developments on the home front? The . . .

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SUNDAY SCHOOL Aaron Carter - Hard To LøVë

July 18, 2020

Silvrback blog image

[23:05 - 00:25] On/ OFF. "Thanks for coming".

I must lay off the 'juke-box'. ONE go.
On to, tap 'dem' keys. Not, "OH, LOOK"?, and, run away?
Title pops in m'head. Tis, 'The Finest'. Every-time and a chosen-song, should be, 'on the . . .

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SUNDAY SCHOOL 2020_04_proper_playlist_ten_limits

July 12, 2020

[OFF OUT, 6:17].

[17:30] On.

Silvrback blog image

Prince, chosen platform?, ...well, 'speaks to me'.
Reviewing 2020_04_proper_playlist_ten_limits and Sunday School.
Commented on, and re-read, Saw, Go Back To Sleep.
. . .

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