How to talk Liberal to the Left?

December 19, 2015

Cohen on Chomsky

  • The Left is a web to get stuck in

  • This progressive Left have no vision, no solutions

  • No commitment to anything

  • A departure from the old-Left

I’m interested in the cracks. Arguments straying close to the unmentionable. Or at least “let’s leave it at that”. A short . . .

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Miley Talk

December 18, 2015

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Blazing and breasts...

It’s Miley... so lock up y'daughters or do that sigh.

Pop’s valiant vigilant citizens yet to report - but what might I contribute?

On a quest to shine and destroy the enemies manifest mankind religious moves.

Piece together and stumble their serial killer-like practice. . . .

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Igor Levit

December 17, 2015

Igor Levit’s Goldberg Variations (hear the Aria) - is a hot new release. Now he confirms his appetite for the big entrance with three monuments to variation form, each rooted in its own century, yet all united by the harnessing of maximum variety, maximum discipline, so writes astonished David Fanning in ‘Gramaphone’. (I won’t . . .

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Tommy's call

December 16, 2015

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What good would banning Muslim immigration to the UK or not rebuilding any more mosques do?

Provide a huge boost for Islamic practice, that’s for sure, and - those who might seek to be violent. Oh, there’s more, cause protest -and- anti-protest marches, fights, riots and the rest. And young people, post-code gangs, become . . .

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Fisk to Roberts to...

December 15, 2015

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Three things

Paul Craig Roberts:

Dear friends, readers often ask me what they can do as individuals. My answer is that there are three things you can do that are effective...


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What really matters in the Middle East? (Robert Fisk interview)

December 15, 2015

And what matters, what are people after?

Two words: Dignity and Justice.

Increasingly impatient in listening/watching commentators. This not only gets past that but demands a rewind. Think I need elements of disagreement to stir me. This first-class teaching is eked out by just the right interviewer. Reading . . .

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Ring the Alarm: Ed Sheeran Just Quit Social Media

December 14, 2015

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But... for good reason, writes Madeline Hill. Thank phew for that eh.

Well hot-diddly-do.Who said the awakening’s in the sludge? Most countering of moves. What, Ed couldn’t get a helper to maintain his ‘personal’ social-media touch?

Let’s hope there’s other good reasons left unsaid: A principled protest? Barely . . .

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