Well done

January 11, 2016

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I don’t know what to think about David Bowie dying. Should I even have a say?

Of all artists, I remember him in my humble rock ‘n roll beginnings but won’t reminisce. All futura, a tomorrows man. Blew his trumpet loud when he could.

What to consider?

...always back to them early days? What deep and . . .

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Dancing Bach

January 09, 2016

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When I bought St Matthews at the - now closed - HMV on Oxford Street, in its air tight, sound smooth, basement Classical section; the long-term Bach-ite I was recommended to ask what's what told me, Bach's:

"All about the dance".

Here's the mammothly freed-up and fluid; David Fray.

. . .

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January 09, 2016

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Rights and Informed Choices

Be wise as serpents, gentle as...

Arguments to stand in self defence/or not, are left Biblically open. Swords or guns. The individual has choice. Laws of the land can over-ride this but owning/carrying an object to assist defence, is without any prescriptive word.

To disarm the . . .

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Aggression on Trees and Blogs

January 08, 2016

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Not a naturist (but not a never-never-would/but probably won't) but nudity, could be, an answer to unwanted lust?

I’ve no desire to advocate for stripping off in public/should be encouraged. But there’s something of an analogy about it, regarding violence. Tarantino uses a ‘Japan looks at violence more/acts violently . . .

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January 07, 2016

‘We’ve got lazy and let things get out of control’

Tap quotes Alex Jones, whilst affirming the obvious wisdom to acknowlege fair-do's, over woolly distractive thinking and "better not".

Infowars has an army of promotors and in some ways I look for others, doing similar... or - here’s my plea - . . .

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Evil and #gilesfraser

January 06, 2016

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On reading Giles - not unsurprising - views on evil, I wondered if the ten of thousands reading it would whimper a thought? Now on a Twit, searched #gilesfraser to find, Is Giles Fraser Cursitor Doom?, a repost (on an auto-collect) and zilch.

I had to look up what ‘cursitor’ means ‘courier or runner’. The Lone Star blogger . . .

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Self-Righteous Feast

January 04, 2016

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Simon voted for the UK further (public) involvement in Syria. This says enough about his politics: Believe a lie or compromise, on one occasion it mattered to stand up for sense.

Regarding ‘sexual advances and “...she’s 17”.

He’s likely to be sacked because, the plus for public opinion will be too irresistible . . .

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