Matt Bracken

May 03, 2016

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Can't find a write. For today:

Listening to Matt Bracken interviewed was a sober-up. Infowars last night.

Clear. Shocking. Yet not. Calming urgency. Need to hear. Shake complacency. Fuel fight.

Plus Alex tonight, catch here and there, preaches down in the guts and up unto glory.

Matt's a . . .

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Time off till Tuesday

April 30, 2016

Note: Problem facing this world. Without Christ I'm lost. Stare at Syria and Yemen, these two downtrodden people and places enough. Want to groan, cry, scream – do something. Typing seems inadequate and vain. Done to echo and appreciate those keeping us aware and more importantly, somehow gather and put pressure on those who might make a . . .

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Sheepdog walks 240 miles home?

April 28, 2016

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Darkmoon's Sheepdog Miraculously Finds His Way Home — 240 miles away

The lovable black and white pooch made an incredible 240-mile journey back to his owner after he was handed over to another farm for a trial... MORE

(m'wee comment)

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Life Of Brian

April 27, 2016

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Comment on Premier Life of Brian screening causes upset for church

Life of Brian – only God knows how important – this unforgettable, in my aching towards Christ. Pre-contemplation times. On the cinema front, doesn't reach God turning-up and adding conviction and shakes, on one other film, during those tentative . . .

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Shoe And Silence

April 26, 2016

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Two comments. Title re the first. What to add? Not the comments. On this occasion.
Peace for Syria. Post for Peace. Shout Syria. Pray for:

. . .

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The Vigilant Citizen

April 25, 2016

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Did one kooky wooky comment on Vigilant Citizen in the middle of a Prince trance. Headphoned up tried to express, apart from anything else, my uncertainty about the after-life, all in a minute, reads – weird. To me.

Here's (going purple), the comment:

Of all websites. He loves this one. Be glad you who make. . . .

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The Man Who Told The World

April 24, 2016

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Had a Prince gush. But rightly so. Spoken like a trooper, when he did. Perhaps this, his safety-valve concession. Interview little but "when I do". Only took that one interview. He knows. He knew. Clever angel.

All cute and innocent. Bare tiger. In all the heels and hollaring. A statesman for humanity. Could . . .

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