July 17, 2019

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Silvrback blog image

Looking like Saturday. Sure, and must make it, a one hit ...wonder. Publish here and plant a seed.

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'Drake' on an edit. Back up Sunday night.

July 13, 2019

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Drake — Nonstop (Soon Come)


July 09, 2019

NEXT UP ON TRUTHSCOOP: Silvrback blog image
[Apologies and missing a last-Saturday deadline]

AND JULY 20 ON PLANT A SEED (change of dates):
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Links to the instrumentals:
10. Behind Barz //////////
///////// 9. Fire In The Booth
8. Headlines //////// . . .

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So We Rewind

June 25, 2019

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Reply to James R's comment on 'Last Post':


Here be that "last post" blasting-off of a plonker. Mr. All Mouth eh? Not there's much attention and these plonkery ways. A plus and not counting/care. Satisfied, the two or three who read. More about gushing and believe and am . . .

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Last Post

June 19, 2019

Calling it a 'Truthscoop and Plant a Seed' Day.

Shutting shop. Although both sites up and dormant until the end of the year. Not into giving myself much of a “maybe...” and expectation could re-start in 2020. Be about making good and certain achievements over the later-half of this year. Aim is in not-doing these outlets, . . .

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Weekly Ratings Growth


June 14, 2019

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Don't know about 'until the end of the world' and Jesse/Tulip's mutual pledge.

How about..? Until the Amazon Primetime trial is over.

When had enough -- and off.

Even so, caught a couple of Joy Division docs. On to reading Deborah Curtis' Touching from a Distance.

. . .

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Flash Truther-Books


June 06, 2019

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'Understand television as a transmission apparatus that links the famous with their audience in a giant circle-jerk...'

Marcia Frank quoted in Gore Vidal's memoirs.

Yet had been in the midst of celebrating TV's highlight times and the drama of opinions and ideas. All came together and one debate. . . .

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