February 21, 2019

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Be a ramshackle blab but said would post so bit crazy-legs but. Ah and yeah, better let it roll, let it..:

Fakery and false flagging are integral to what makes 'the news'. Media driven stories are set-up to wind-up with the intended manipulative effect.

Clear cop-out signs this the case: Details and claims . . .

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Does It?

February 20, 2019

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More un-written about on this very not-read-much of a website:

Two unabashed and reckon to be hoax-busters, looking like they're asking for trouble, in coming across as obnoxious and annoying nutters, asking to be... well, locked up and deemed designated nut-jobs.

All over the November 2017, Sutherland . . .

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Whatever It Takes

February 15, 2019

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It's a narky nasty piece. A Paul Craig Roberts re-post. Suits his urgent in a wilderness cry. Not one for the sweet pill.

After quotes, the writer John W. Whitehead begins with; Life in America has become a gut-wrenching, soul-sucking, misery-drenched, demoralizing existence.

Roberts titles in barbed and . . .

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Ceremony 2

February 09, 2019

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In Ceremony (1) sought to highlight the money master's interface with the occult. A confusing -- even for me -- . . .

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February 08, 2019

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Go hard into the dark underbelly of central criminals intel leads to unseen realms. Claims therein.

Or, at least indications what those in the deepest levels and HQ, 'think'... is going on.

What they're into. The fake reality, i.e. lost and lonely sickness. A three-card-trick for all us suckers who . . .

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Pax Americana

February 01, 2019

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The internet and enter-the-net? Caught and cooking is the movement online. Escaping can be about engagement and participation.

For me, a Jesus' table-overturning instruction and command, through typing and graphics. Go in the temple . . .

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So Vain

January 29, 2019

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The headline got me. Not into Marx but accept the weight his words might carry:

Washington is proving Karl Marx’s conclusion correct that violence is the only effective force in history, writes Roberts.

The added question mark on the graphic is 'hope' and another way. Another chance. A somehow witnessing . . .

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