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March 01, 2020

m1onthebeat bandokay and to the k to the o get blammed m1onthebeat you know free slim jim listen up listen up yo i was tryna catch me a face but bro jumped out backed it and poked him sj got nicked for a soaking involving still can't show no emotion my lifers phone gyal and they lotion my vv's shine wet wet like . . .

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February 23, 2020

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SJ - Youngest In Charge

February 17, 2020
Calling 'shop' (shut), and turn this into a new 'SJ And Prison' post. A rollover. Re-up'd.

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UPDATE Wed. 26: Please excuse my deletion of the Ad and the most recent post, another started. No, must wait and once errands, paid work and what-not decorating... and before, or by the weekend to . . .

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Doll by Doll – Gypsy Blood

February 16, 2020


February 15th, 1980, Doll by Doll release Gypsy Blood as a single.

Up to my eyes decorating and have an hour or so of paid work to do. Monday, got to be daily. As was. A Plant a Seed or Truthscoop. Discipline and delight. And on to 100 songs to write about and from.
A Ten Bag . . .

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February 02, 2020

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Zionist Terror in London [Gilad Atzmon]. They destroyed the Labour Party, now they have launched a campaign against the British arts scene. Will they successfully abuse the moniker of anti-Semitism to destroy any place, person or organization where they sense opposition? The 606 Jazz Club and its owner, Steve Rubie, have been . . .

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February 2020 Maps and Charts

February 01, 2020

UP FOR A LISTEN? >>>Bonus Balls Playlist<<<

+ "Yo, Izzy... are you kidding me?" On the news me into m'prime and no crime where d'dollar sign money pon m'mind, so me nah no time, f'spend, time f'spend. An m'style put me pon a map, me upon d'top and me name Koffee...1

. . .

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